Designing Art Concept Magazine Issue 005: effervescent

Some of you may know that along with running my photography business I also own a magazine. Art Concept Magazine. Since I was young I have been passionate about art and this magazine is my own project to spread young artist’s work with other artists. I have been releasing issues of ACM since January of 2017 and it has been something so fulfilling for me. Yesterday we released our 5th issue and i designed the whole thing from cover to cover. This post is just about that, the design. Although I am not a graphic designer I have taken print and layout, graphic design, and digital art classes where i learned everything i know about graphic design. I am by no means a graphic designer and nor do I claim to be, but I do enjoy the process of designing for print so here are a few of my favorite layouts from the most recent issue of Art Concept Magazine. The check out the full issue click here, to purchase it click here, and to go to the website for more content click here.

Art Concept Magazine 005: effervescent cover of Brandon Huntley, The.Vxsionary. Shot and designed by Caroline Japal

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