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From brainstorming to execution, let’s turn your vision into a reality.



Whether it’s capturing those special moments to save for a lifetime or simply rebranding, original content is always the way to go!



Eye-catching layouts and graphic text will keep your readers wanting more!


Freedom and Joy captured in an editorial for Art Concept Magazine

re•vis•it is an editorial photo narrative that represents a feeling of nostalgia for a time one was never a part of. In this series of photographs, the viewer follows four women as they return to their hometown to explore the city they grew up in and revisit a place that not only shaped them into the adults they are now, but also brought them together as friends—a bond that they kept strong into their adulthood. The viewer goes on a journey of rediscovery with the women. The women experience many feelings on this journey as they remember what it was like to be carefree teens before they had the responsibilities of adulthood. The transition from high school to college to the real world can be particularly rough if one forgets how to be carefree and enjoy the small moments in life. As an artist and college student, I believe that we can sometimes get caught up in trying to have it all together when in reality everyone is still trying to figure out some aspect of their life. With re•vis•it, I purposely brought together a team of very amazing, creative women to create this series; if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to capture the emotions of joy and freedom as easily as we did.

Creative Directed and Produced by Caroline Japal, Photography by Ashley Kickliter, Styling and Makeup by Hannah Riley assisted by Chloe Lillaine. Models: Sabina Vafina, Alexandra Huryn, Micha Palmer and Tiana Bryant.


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TrynaB is an online store specializing in reworked thrifted items and accessories found and handmade by Leslie Gomez.


I worked alongside Gomez to concept, produce, and shoot original content for online and digital media platforms. I shot and edited product, lifestyle and editorial content for the Tryna B online store and social media, some of which were featured on various media outlets and pages including Hypebae and CNK Daily. Check out the online store, their instagram and youtube.

Leslie Gomez, Founder of Tryna B Studios, at the Nike Dream Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, February 2019.

Leslie Gomez, Founder of Tryna B Studios, at the Nike Dream Studio in Atlanta, Georgia, February 2019.


Creating images that seamlessly transition from screen to print.


Using a combination of frequency separation, burn and dodge retouching and adjustment layers I am able to make beautifully edited images ready for print.


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ACM logo and ig highlights

Created a new overlapping logo for Art Concept Magazine in both their colors (CMYK) and a minimal black and white design. Also created instagram story highlights in the same minimal B&W design.


NewsLetter for Cybersis

Created a monthly newsletter template for Cybersis that is customizable and can be edited specifically to what content they need to share.


Logo and Assets for Caroline Japal Branding

Created a logo, watermark, and page header that can be added to documents, websites, forms and other types of business materials.


Look book created for Tryna B ss19 Drop

This look book was originally created in a slideshow style presentation so the viewer could see each and every piece of the collection and how it could be styled.

Art Magazine Highlighting Creative Culture


Art Concept Magazine highlights individuals who are pursuing their creative goals with passion and persistence.


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A non-traditional look at southern youth.


Youth is universal, yet the experience of adolescence is different from person to person. Coming of age—the search of self and tribe—is confusing, complicated and trying. For this reason, the journey has been heavily documented in photography. For example, photographers as diverse as Wolfgang Tillmans, Larry Clark and Adrienne Salinger have focused on specific subcultures and documented the lives of youths categorized by subcultures. While subcultures still exist today, they have become more complex with easy access to ideas and information. The defining characteristics of how these subcultures express themselves through dress, music taste, beliefs, and mannerisms have started to change and evolve. As a result, we have access to images of specific subcultures define in well-known places, but few photographic series documenting the everyday young person. Especially in the South.


Youth Expressions is a series of images featuring young people from the ages of 18–25 who are coming of age in Birmingham, Alabama. Change happening in Birmingham is evident in almost every aspect of the city from the influx of small businesses to acquiring our own professional soccer team, but most excitingly in the community of adolescents and young adults. Birmingham’s youth are actively creating spaces for young artists to thrive in, which in turn is making Birmingham a cosmopolitan center for art and culture. Because the South is viewed as a place of racial and political unrest, the subject of youth experience has been overlooked here. What I hope to highlight is how the lines between certain groups are becoming more fluid through collective consciousness, identity, and individuality. Youth Expressions discloses the dissolving of these borders.

Youth Expressions was exhibited in Sella-Granata Art Gallery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama from November 19 - 29



Creating content that resonates with your audience.


Working with my client we discover the brand identity we want to convey and what locations, styling and perspectives will best represent that identity. I combine a variety of closeup and wide shots that can be used for social media outlets, websites, blogs, marketing materials, and decks, so that my clients can get the most out of their images.